Why Job Seekers Should Use a Staffing Agency

Employers love to hire using a temporary or contract basis because it gives them flexibility, both for market demands and economic demands. To job-seekers, however, usually aren’t interested and want full employment, with the sense of security and the benefits it provides. So why use a staffing agency?

There’s plenty of excellent reasons.


Get Professional Advice

It’s great when friends or family offer to read over your resume, but they’re not looking at resumes all day and comparing resumes to each other while looking for the most marketable skills, but that’s all staffing agencies do all day long. Get the advice on how to best show off your resume for your career field, practice for job interviews, and help build your online reputation.


Not All Jobs Are Temporary

Many are temp-to-permanent after a certain amount of time. After being hired, associates get the chance to stay or leave with more information and more skills on their resume.


Get Back Into the Workforce

If you’re a veteran returning to the civilian workforce, a single parent looking for flexible hours, or looking to rejoin the workplace after an extended absence, many people lack the confidence to search for jobs on their own, especially in the new era of online job searches.

Recruiters who work at staffing agencies will not only help associates get new positions, but can help making the resume more marketable, practice for job interviews, and give the inside scoop on what other hired people did that made them be a better candidate.

Staffing agencies have multiple job openings to fill immediately, so while your job may end, make a choice to work with professionals who want to get you hired.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary role or a permanent one, start with the staffing agency that can get you there! We have openings nationwide, with more than half being temp-to-permanent and others being long term contracts, with both confidentiality and reliability going back to 1984.