10 Best Tips for Changing Careers

Dread the thought of another day at your current job? Envying someone else’s line of work? If you just can’t stand the thought of going back there, check out all of our steps to make sure changing careers goes as smoothly as possible.



Figure out which part of your job you can’t stand and then find out what position will never have that. If you’re working in hospitality but you’re sick of working with demands from the public, switching to another role demanding customer service skills won’t be a good transition. Consider what you need and go towards that.



Figure out if this new career has what you’re looking for. Double-check on lifestyle, availability in your area, and the pay.


Know Yourself!

Know your personal transferable skills! Make sure you have the right kind of transferable skills and that they are strong enough for you to bank on them. Not sure what transferable skills are? We have your answer: What Are Transferable Skills?


Avoid These Mistakes!

Know and avoid the five biggest mistakes career changers make such as not having enough money in the bank in case your future career doesn’t take off immediately. (Payscale)


Need More Training?

Do you have the right training and education for the new role? Consider taking Udemy online classes for certification or consider taking community classes.

Check out our specific article for an I.T. position: 5 Free Online Computer Courses That Will Help Start an I.T. Career


Maybe on-the-job Training?

Consider job shadowing at a few different places before committing. After all, you didn’t do all this work just to be unhappy a second time!


Meet More People!

Network, network, network! Either online or in-person, but make sure to reach out to everyone who may be able to help you and see what you can offer them in return. (Brandwatch)



Consider volunteering to gain experience in your new field. Hiring managers always want to know what kind of experience you have in the field, and yes, volunteering counts. (The Balance Careers)


Get References!

Know anyone in that field already? Would they be willing to give you a reference? How To Ask For A Job Reference!  And don’t forget getting a LinkedIn reference: How to Get an Excellent LinkedIn Reference


Work With a Staffing Agency!

Consider working with a staffing agency since you will have little time between leaving your old career and preparing for a new one. We’re here for you! Changing careers can be scary, but we can make it easy. Send us your resume or check out our openings here: Open Jobs


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