5 Ways To Make an Amazing First Impression

Interviews can be rough! You know you’re supposed to bring your resume and be polite to the hiring manager, but what other things do you need to know about interviews?


Show Up on Time

Being punctual to your interview should be a given, but it’s worth mentioning again: show up on time. If you’re running late, call as soon as possible to let your interviewers know. They will appreciate that much more than an excuse later on. In the age of cell phones, there’s no excuse for not calling ahead.


Watch Your Body Language

Body language can show how you really feel, so it’s important to be aware of how you’re presenting yourself. Crossing your arms, smirking, and rolling your eyes can come across as offensive or impatient. Don’t forget to give a strong handshake and eye contact!


Dress to Impress

Does your interview outfit match the occasion? The hiring manager will expect you to wear a different outfit if the interview is at a factory versus at an office. Do your best to find out what kind of environment you’ll be in. Erring on the conservative side is always better than dressing too wild. Check out more specifics here. 


Be Aware of Volume

Speaking too quietly can come across as unsure of yourself and speaking too loudly can come across as overly strong. Be sure to speak clearly and match the tone of the other people.


Use Your Manners

Whether it’s to the receptionist or the CEO, being polite to everyone while interviewing matters. Some companies specifically ask front desk staff to report back on their interaction with you, so make sure you’re polite to everyone.


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