Are You Reading Job Ads Wrong?

When you’re looking for work, it can feel easy to minimize how it feels to send out your resume and either be rejected or hear nothing back to just a number: “I only sent out twenty applications, so tomorrow I’ll send forty!” No. You’re focused on quantity when you should be looking at quality. The key to success is choosing strategically which positions you’re applying to. As a result, it’s important to know how to understand how to read what a job ad is really saying.


The Job Ads 80-20 Rule

Most people apply if they meet the bare requirements, also known by hiring managers as the “bare minimum”.  This isn’t okay, because the rest of the job ad is also there for a reason. Every single requirement must be taken into account, even if it’s under “Preferred” or in the job description. The industry has the “80-20” Rule: You don’t need to have all of the skills or experience, but if you have at least  80%, then you should apply. The other 20% is what you have to learn. Check your transferable skills and make sure that you’re an excellent candidate.

Transferable Skills- What Are They and Do You Have Them?


Does Your Personality Fit the Job?

Is this position dealing with the public a lot? If you’d consider yourself an introvert, maybe this isn’t for you. The position won’t change once you start it, so don’t apply to just anything if you’re going to be miserable.



Most job descriptions repeat a few keywords over and over and you should take note of those so you can use them in your resume. Check the education requirements, the position’s title,  and the company’s industry, as those are all going to be keywords that your resume needs to get past the ATS and to the recruiter.

How To Get Your Resume Past The ATS


Check The Company Online

If you are considering a new position somewhere, be sure to check out the company online and away from the job ad. Instead of looking at the company holiday pictures, be sure to check out the company name in the news and check online reviews from third party places, such as Glassdoor or the Better Business Bureau.

(Here are NESC Staffing’s reviews on the Better Business Bureau)

Following these tips will get you that phone call you’re looking for! Good luck!


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