How To Overcome the Job Experience Requirement

It’s a common catch when starting a new career: every job ad asks for experience, but you don’t have any. To get the job, you need experience – but how can you earn experience without the job? How do you get experience before you get experience? Plenty of people are looking to change directions or start at new careers, but don’t know how to make the jump. Here are some tried-and-true ways to show on your resume that you know what you’re doing

Make Sure You Have the Skills

Keep learning, even if it’s a free online course or a non-credit class at the local library. You need your skills to be both the best possible and as current as possible. You can never have too many skills. You want to be prepared! Be sure to check online for anything free before spending money.

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Show Some Personality On Your Resume

Emphasize what makes you different from the rest – do you have other things you bring to the table that your competition doesn’t? Do you have a good history of being on time, or perfect attendance, or unusual hobbies? I’ve called a couple of people just to ask why a developer was on the swim team or the customer service lady was into swallowing fire at festivals – and I’m not the only one.


Make Sure Your Resume is Flawless

How detail-oriented can you be if your resume has spelling errors or incomplete information? Be sure to really make your resume shine!


Earn Those Credentials

Volunteering or internships are a great way to show how capable you are on your resume. Don’t volunteer or intern just anywhere, but at a company, a church, a charity, anywhere that will answer the public phone number. “Fixed computers for friends” won’t get you that IT job. Make sure your time is being spent wisely!

Make Sure Your Plan is Accurate

Admit to yourself that you’re looking for a beginner or entry-level position and make sure you ask for the right pay appropriately. Compare your skills to the average pay in your field – and then ask for slightly less. You’re breaking into a new job and need to be accepted in.

Tell Everyone

Network with everyone and anyone in the industry who will talk to you, either through personal acquaintances, social media, whatever it takes. It’s hard to predict who will be able to help you, so get the word out!  Be sure to help out anyone who helps you. What goes around comes around, and people have long memories.


Get to it! Your new position is waiting!

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