7 Tips for Job Searching When You Already Have A Job

Job searching when you have a job

Job searching when you’re already employed can feel daunting. After all, wasn’t it hard enough to get this job? Sometimes it’s time for a change, but to do so means being strategic in your search:

Keep Your Job Search Confidential

While it sounds obvious, make sure that any potential future employers know that you’re currently working and not to contact your employer. It’s a small thing to ask of your future employer and you should be the one telling your boss, not a phone call from the future employer. Employers assume that people don’t quit jobs without another one lined up unless they were about to be fired, were actually fired, or is someone who changes jobs often.

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Don’t Use Company Time or Resources

That includes the computer, the printer, the phone number, and the time when you’re working. While tempting to use them, obviously this would be an easy reason for your current employer to fire you. Company issued property means your employer has the right to monitor your usage. It’s easier to find a new job when you have one, instead of losing it for such an absurd reason.

Do Use Your Network, But Watch Your Social Media

Talk to your contacts and make sure you’ve updated your LinkedIn profile. Consider turning off your notifications so your profile updates are not broadcasted across your network. Your employer might be watching, so don’t tag your profile with “looking for a new job”. It’s frustrating to get a job interview, but not the job, so it can be tempting to complain – to co-workers, to your online Facebook or Twitter accounts, and you don’t know who is connected to who through every single virtual network. Avoid the “Wish me luck! Heading to my second interview this afternoon” obvious posts AND the vague. Don’t lose your current job because you’re looking for another one!

Use Your Time Wisely

Schedule phone interviews for lunch breaks. If possible, use vacation days for interviews instead of lunch breaks. Rushing through an interview in order to get back to work will impact how you act in the interview. Beware of having too many “dentist appointments” or similar excuses or your boss will be tipped off.

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Decide How You Should Post Your Resume Online

Putting your resume on any of the many job boards is the easiest way to let thousands of people know you’re looking for work – including your employer. Should you be worried about that, be sure to post your resume confidentially. Applying directly to positions would also work.

Schedule Job Searching

While hoping for a new job isn’t a strategy, neither is spending every free minute looking for work. In the beginning it can feel like a new opportunity, but you can easily burn out and lose hope. Dedicate a specific amount of time to your job search – even just a half hour or one hour a day. Remember, you still have to pay those bills in the meanwhile, so don’t burn the candle at both ends.

Consider Using a Staffing Agency

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