Keeping Employees First During Digital Transformation 

Though it’s often necessary, change is hard. And that goes for life and business. Whether your company is undergoing digital transformation to improve your customers’ experiences or the expertise of your employees, your leaders, and staff are going to face many challenges ahead.  


Does that mean you shouldn’t digitize your processes? No, but it does mean you must take a healthy approach that helps your team feel included and valuable through each phase. Below, we discuss how your business can ensure your team knows they come first as you adjust to using more digital technologies.  


Keep Healthy Communication Alive       


Change is difficult, and no change your organization makes is going to happen successfully unless there is effective communication. Leaders and employees alike are often resistant to change unless it is their idea. That’s why it’s essential to create a dialogue among your team and welcome each person’s input. 


Chances are, you will need several leaders on board with digital transformation. That way, you can designate one or more spokespeople to explain the changes in a positive light and answer any questions or address any concerns of team members. You might be surprised how a single meeting or demonstration can put your entire team at ease. 


Engage Everyone Using Innovations Like Business Process Management    


Once you start getting people on board with digital transformation, find ways to get every team member involved. When an employee engages in the decision-making and implementation processes, it can solidify their commitment and lead to better overall productivity.  


If you have older employees struggling with technological changes, remember how valuable their experience and insight are to the team. Spend a bit of extra time helping them adjust to the new tools and processes while showing that you value their input. 


If you’re looking to make training videos for your business’s digital transformation, stock footage has never been more useful. By incorporating stock videos into your project, you can add professional polish and help convey the message of your video with ease. What’s more, stock videos are available in a variety of formats and styles, meaning you can create something unique that meets the specific needs of your company. Stock videos really polish a project—so don’t overlook them when creating training video content! 


One form of digital transformation that can take your team to new levels is business process management (BPM). While this will require your staff to make some adjustments, the right BPM technologies will automate specific processes and streamline your workflows, allowing your employees to stay focused on more valuable tasks and projects. Well-built digital process automation can significantly boost efficiency, reduce inaccuracies, and help the company’s bottom line. And it can go a long way in engaging your employees. 


While engagement drives adoption, the digital transformation itself can keep your team engaged. You might remind your managers and employees that technology makes flexible work schedules possible and streamlines many different tasks that once were laborious. Stress the benefits as you work with your team to learn the ropes.  


Furthermore, make sure all of your employees have all the training they need to succeed in the new era. Even an employee who is slow to come on board with digital transformation may change their mindset as they learn how to fulfill their roles efficiently. 


Foster Collaboration and Experimentation   


Digital transformation allows organizations to unify communication across devices. This makes it easier to collaborate on projects, even when specific team members (or all team members) are out of the office. The right tools will let you work together from anywhere. 


As you encourage your team to work more collaboratively, leave plenty of room for experimentation. After all, experimentation is a driving factor in innovation, and it can ultimately help your company crush its goals.  


Make sure each employee knows that they can freely experiment without the fear of making mistakes. Employees who experiment are more likely to find better, faster ways of completing tasks, making the entire team more efficient and productive. And as you add new staff members to your team, be sure they’re classified correctly so they can contribute fully. 


There’s no getting around that any kind of change is difficult to run a business. If your organization is undergoing digital transformation, it’s essential to help your team members work through the challenges while demonstrating how much the company values their contributions. BPM and other such innovations will get you off to a great start, but keep learning other ways to prepare your leaders and employees for a technological future! 

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