Most Common Interview Questions and How to Answer

Over and over again, whether you’re interviewing for a data analyst position, aerospace engineer, or for the position that doesn’t require any experience, you’re going to run into the same kind of questions. We’ve prepared a master list of interview questions, ideal answers,  and how to customize your answer to your interview.


Maybe you already know that this one isn’t about your personal life, but we also show how to customize your answer to each interview.

How to Answer the “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question


If you were let go or are dealing with a large gap in your resume, check out our advice here:

How to Handle a Gap on Your Resume


Here’s a common question if the open position requires any self-awareness:

How to Respond to “Tell Me About a Time You Failed”


These two go together, but don’t miss them! See how to sell yourself in both, without being cheesy or lying:

Answer the Interview Question “What Is Your Greatest Strength?”

How to Answer the Greatest Weakness Question in an Interview


Every hiring manager wants to know if they can count on you or will have to micromanage. Don’t be fooled by this question- it has three layers and each one is important:

Answer For “How Do You Prioritize Your Time?” Interview Question


If you’re currently working and the hiring manager knows that, then you can absolutely expect this question:

How To Answer “Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?”


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We had a request for this question, so we addressed this as well:

Answer the Interview Question “How Would You Feel About Reporting To a Person Younger Than You?” 


Out of all the other candidates, why should we hire you? Since you don’t know what the rest of the candidates are bringing to the table, all you can do is describe your passion and commitment to the position. It’s similar to the “why do you want to work here?” so we’ve paired them together.

How to Answer the “Why Should We Hire You?” Interview Question

How to Answer “Why Do You Want To Work Here?”


Since dress codes have changed drastically over the years and you don’t want to be in a suit when the hiring manager is wearing a t-shirt, we’ve dissected the new interview dress codes. Plan ahead what you’re going to wear with our easy guides:

Dress For Success

Translating the Business Casual Dress Code

Decode the Tech Industry’s Casual Dress Code


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