How to Write Your Resume Fast

omen's hands typing on laptop

Need that resume right away? There are plenty of articles on brushing up your resume, but not a whole lot that help you write one from scratch – and fast. That new position might need you to give one fast. What about writing a new one? You might panic and try to go through all the links to find the one you want, but you don’t have that kind of time! That’s okay, we’re here to help.


Name and Contact Information

Include a phone number and a professional email address- and I can’t stress that professional part enough. If you don’t have a professional one, just include your phone number. Your address isn’t necessary, just town or zip code -unless you’re against using email and insist on only mailing your resume. Please use email. Also, ditch the “objective statement” and any version of a summary, which is really only good for making a huge career change.


List Your Most Recent Job First

List your most recent job first, because you have a matter of seconds to keep your reader’s attention. Think of the job you’re trying to get and what skills you used at your last one. Any way you can connect the two will make it easier for the hiring manager to do the same. Don’t forget to put the dates you were at each job.


Use Bullet Points

Can’t think of how to write all the things you did? Use bullet points and include numbers of progress if possible. Numbers cement your progress in the reader’s mind – and write the actual number instead of the word (use 90%, not “ninety percent”). Make sure the first five bullet points are the most relevant to the job you want.



Spellcheck doesn’t catch everything, so make sure the whole thing reads clearly. Do you have relevant keywords that match your resume to the job ad?


Pretty It Up

Skipping this step could cost you the job. Keeping everything on the left hand side will make it easy to read, as will keeping it in the same font size. Put either the companies or the position you held in bold – but not both. Don’t use ALL CAPS unless you absolutely have to, since it’s hard to read. Don’t use Times New Roman unless you literally have no other choice between that and WingDings font.