Reporting to Someone Younger Than You Job Interview Question

Work for someone younger than you

Among the many different evolutions that workplaces have gone through – from offices to cubicles to open desks, from strict hours to flexible work schedules and casual Fridays, a new landscape has emerged. With life comes life experiences, and sometimes people have to take time off from work, or change careers, or take a lower-level position than expected.


So with that in mind, let’s address the question- how to answer to a manager who is both qualified and competent, but also a lot younger than you. People often make the mistake of feeling embarrassed or incompetent as a result, but no one needs to feel either one of those emotions. Careers don’t usually have a straight line anymore, so no one needs to feel shame or embarrassment about where they are in life. The important thing is to stop thinking about the age difference and focus on these things instead:


Address How Different Generations Can Work Together

That manager is a manager for a reason and this is the person you’d have to report to. Even if you haven’t had as much industry experience as your new boss, you probably have experience with interpersonal relationships and the inevitable bureaucracy of management. You can bring also bring your personal perspective to the table, which could help when the company is trying to reach a different demographic of people. If you’ve ever reported to someone younger than you before, now is the time to bring that up.


Different Motivations for Different Generations of Workers: Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z


Show You’re Willing To Prove Your Worth

Express that you’re open to new ideas and focus on the positives – a younger manager is more likely to change things up, be open to fresh ideas, and innovate. You’re here to get the job done and you’re willing to put in the work. Be sure to express that you’re willing to work with whomever the position requires you to since that’s expected at any job.


Express Gratitude That The Company Hires On Merit

Isn’t it great that the company hires based on skill and merit, instead of gender or age bias? There’s always more room for growth at any company that promotes people based on what they can bring to the table. End with a positive note and you’ll make a positive impression!


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