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5 Tips for Finding a Job After Graduation

Are you trying to find work after graduating? Congratulations on graduating! Finding a job after college can be daunting. Here are five tips that will help you get your name out there.   Use More Than One Job Board What most people don’t realize is that employers pay subscriptions to view your resume on those… Read more »

How to Write a Resume Cover Letter

Of all the many parts of finding a new job, people seem to hate writing the cover letter the most. It’s too bad, because, with a few easy steps, this letter can be the difference between getting the interview or not. Cover letters are a great way to show a little personality, explain an employment… Read more »

How to Write the Best Resume Objective

How to Write the Best Resume Objective

Writing a resume objective or a resume summary often can feel like the most difficult part of writing a resume. How do you know the difference and when should you use which one? What goes into writing one? We’re going to break down their definitions, when to use what, and how you can make the… Read more »

5 Must-Read Resume Tips for Changing Careers

  Changing careers means you’ll need a whole new resume to match your new job search in your new field. The important goal to keep in mind is that your resume needs to show how your skills, particularly your soft skills, are transferable.   Identify Your Transferable Skills First, you’ll have to find out which… Read more »

Easiest Way to Write a Resume

Looking for the easiest way to write a resume? There are plenty of articles on brushing up your resume, but not a whole lot that help you write one from scratch – and fast. There are plenty of people who don’t have an existing resume. From people who have been taking care of someone else… Read more »

Transferable Skills- What Are They and Do You Have Them?

Transferable Skills- What You Take With You These are the skills you acquired during your education, internships, or past experiences that you will be able to use in your future work positions. Common examples include communication skills, problem-solving, or self-control. Skills You May Already Have When changing jobs, it can be hard to see what… Read more »

How to Get an Excellent LinkedIn Reference

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Getting a LinkedIn reference can make a difference when you’re using LinkedIn to apply to something new. The trouble is that no one just automatically gives a LinkedIn reference, so you’re going to have to ask for it. Why Do You Want a LinkedIn Reference? Not all recommendations serve the same purpose. Are you looking… Read more »

How To Ask For A Job Reference

Once you have your resume, do you have your job reference? Or rather, job references? It used to be that including references with your resume was a part of the application process, but not anymore. Most career openings now require applicants to provide a list of references when requested, usually after an initial interview. It’s… Read more »

7 Steps to Recovering From Burnout

How do you know if you’re burned out? Burnout is a chronic state of stress that looks like physical and emotional exhaustion, detachment, and not feeling any sense of accomplishment or fulfillment. You might also have insomnia, increased anxiety, or  It doesn’t happen overnight, but instead takes lots of time to build up. 7 Steps… Read more »

6 Signs You’re Burning Out at Work

Burnout is the state of physical and emotional exhaustion. Burnout comes from chronic stress, where the demands on you exceed the resources you have available to deal with those stressors. Here’s some expert tips from those who identify it and have been there themselves: Exhaustion Being burned out at work comes with serious exhaustion. We’re… Read more »