10 Temp Agency Myths, Including Pay, Jobs, and More!

10 Temp Agency Myths

Temp agency myths have been around as long as there have been temp agencies! They have been around just as long as someone was looking for a job and someone else was looking to hire. These companies are private agencies, not related to unemployment or government agencies, and provide job offers, including short-term, long-term, and permanent positions to job seekers.


Myth #1: All Temp Agency Jobs Are Temporary or Part-Time

Temp agencies hire for a range of positions, including temporary, temporary-to-permanent, and directly hired on as a permanent member of staff. If you’re looking for a permanent, full-time job, you shouldn’t discredit staffing agencies or temp agencies. You will save your recruiter a lot of time if you make it clear to your recruiter in the beginning what kind of position you’re looking for.


Myth #2: Temp Agencies Only Have Manual or Administrative Jobs

Not even close! Temp agencies fill a wide variety of roles, for a wide number of different industries. We fill roles for seasoned and senior professionals, as well as for new job seekers. We have positions for people making career changes, for people going back to work after time off, and for people looking to advance their careers by climbing the corporate ladder. There are openings for everything, from scientists to engineers, from designers to nurses, and so much more!


Myth #3: You Pay A Fee

No staffing agency or temp agency will ask you to pay a fee of any kind. If a job ad asks you to pay any money upfront, it is either a scam or a MLM  (multi-level marketing) commonly known as a pyramid scheme. Anything asking you to bring in more consultants or referrals should be a giant red flag.

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Myth #4: Headhunters and Recruiters are the Same Things

Headhunters (people you hire specifically to get you a position) can charge a fee. You would have to sign a contract with them ahead of time and pay after accepting a new job. Headhunters often work on a contingency basis, meaning that they only get paid if they are able to find an acceptable employee for a company or organization.  A headhunter might ask for a placement fee when they find you a job.

No recruiter at a temp agency will ask you for a fee. The reason they will never ask you is that you weren’t the client; the company is the client.


Myth #5: Staffing Agencies Work for the Candidate/Employee

That’s headhunters, not recruiters at staffing agencies.

Recruiters at staffing agencies are responsible for filling open positions. They are paid by the company with the job opening only when it’s filled, not before. Their job is to find the most qualified candidate, talk to them, discuss the position, and see if that person is interested in the position. They’re on a mission to fill that job opening, not place one specific person somewhere. They are paid by the company or multiple companies that they recruit for; not candidates or employees. Recruiters find the candidate that the company is looking for, not someone who likes talking to recruiters. You can’t hire a recruiter to find you a job. 


Myth #6: Tempy Agency Jobs Pay is Lower Than if I Applied Directly

The pay is always competitive or higher than the industry standard since recruiting and hiring for a position requires at least fitting market value. Otherwise, who would apply at a temp agency in the first place? The pay is already determined based on the local job market, long before anyone applies!


Myth #7: Good Companies Don’t Need Temp Agencies

Some don’t. If companies have zero turn-over, never expand, and no one ever goes on maternity/paternity leave, then that place never needs a staffing agency. (Of course, working at a place that never expands doesn’t sound like a great idea if you want a promotion.) Most companies need to expand and change their staff from time to time due to the fact that industries are ever-changing. Plenty of companies needs to use staffing agencies for a variety of reasons. It could be hiring for a permanent position (but want to see if the new hire is a good fit first), filling in for a maternity/paternity leave, or taking on a project that requires more help. There’s a whole list of possible reasons why companies hire temp agencies.


Myth #8: Companies Will Find The Exact Same People as a Temp Agency

This sounds logical until you remember that companies have to run their own company, as well. They have things to do besides recruiting the top talent. Most places don’t have someone in front of a computer running Boolean searches all day. At a staffing agency, that’s exactly what happens, all day, every day. That’s what they do!

Myth #9: You Only Have to Contact The Recruiter to be Hired

Most jobs still require you to have a resume and an interview. One of the great things about working with a temp agency is that your recruiter will be constantly on the lookout for the best possible position for you. For instance, if your last interview goes terribly wrong, your recruiter is still looking for something else for you! Your recruiter can tell you what you could do to prevent that issue from happening again and give feedback. Meanwhile, they are still looking for somewhere to place you. Having someone in your corner is well worth it!

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Myth #10: Every Candidate Goes For The Same Job, So I Don’t Have A Chance

Recruiters only send in resumes to jobs and companies where they know that the candidate is a fit. Recruiters have been staffing companies for years, so they have inside information. They can help anyone looking for work to match not just the job opening, but also the work culture. This is the crucial information that can help you find a position that you love. That’s always better than just going somewhere for a paycheck. This little bit of difference can change your entire sense of what it means to work somewhere!

Bonus: Great Agencies Don’t Work In My Area

Don’t be so sure about that! We’ve been working and expanding since 1984, so don’t discount your area yet! If you’re ready to see which temp agency is hiring near you, check out: https://jobs.nesc.com/ and find out if we have openings in your area!  Not to brag, but we’re also routinely winning awards. Contact us today!

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