5 Most Powerful Video Interview Tips

If you’ve been looking for work recently, you might have noticed that video interviews are now incredibly common. Whether it’s using Skype, Zoom, or any of the competitors, there are a few things you’ll need to do to ace this interview. Remember: even though you’re not going anywhere, you still have to prepare!


Check Your Tech!

If you’re using your phone, be sure to prop it up to be the right height. No one wants to talk to you from the view of your lap and you won’t want to hold the phone for the entire time. Propping books up onto a table can help achieve the right height, or using a low shelf or eye-level shelf on a bookshelf. The main thing is that the phone is eye-level with you when you’re sitting down in front of it.

If you’re using a traditional computer monitor, be sure to have your seat centered on the monitor that has the camera in it. If you’re using a more portable option like a laptop or a tablet, consider raising it on a pile of books to make sure the camera is eye-level with your height when you’re sitting down facing it.


Don’t Forget To Charge Up and Download!

Make sure to have whatever you’re using, it has a fully charged battery or you have the plug-in chord nearby! There’s nothing worse than losing the interview because of a preventable problem!

Make sure that you know which format the hiring manager wants to use and be sure to download it before it’s time to start your interview. There’s nothing worse than having to tell the hiring manager that you’re working on downloading or getting into the interview chat. Avoid that embarrassment ahead of time!


Dress Professionally

Just because you’re not there in person doesn’t mean that you can wear a t-shirt. Dress for the industry and position you’re applying for, no matter what. Dress to impress, no matter where you’re interviewing! You’re still being judged on what they see, even if it isn’t inside their office.


Keep the Setting in Mind

Keep the background to be with as little distractions as possible, with as little noise and as little clutter as possible. Make sure to sit with your shoulders and head showing on their screen. Don’t lean in (you will appear giant to the hiring manager) and make sure to smile and nod. Wearing headphones can reduce or even prevent weird echoes. Make sure your lighting doesn’t create any weird shine or shadows.


Think of It as a Show

Keep the lights going, make sure the tech works and is either charged up or plugged in before you start- there’s nothing worse than the batter going out before you’re ready! You’re the star, the director, the light person, the camera person, you’re everything! So make sure you show yourself off to your best possible advantage!


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