8 Bizarre Facts About the Workplace

“Work” as a concept is a fairly modern development. Do you know these facts about work?


Bizarre Facts About the Workplace

  1. Leonardo Da Vinci has been credited with writing the first resume
  2. According to this article by Fast Company, Fridays are the least common sick day
  3. And Monday is the most common sick day
  4. Tuesday is considered the most productive day for those who work Monday through Friday
  5. In Japan, the word “karoshi” is the name for dying from overworking
  6. According to the Stanford study, working more than 40 hours has diminishing returns
  7. When doing repetitive work, music can make people more productive. When people are doing cognitive tasks, however, the music slows them down.
  8. If you work 40 hours a week, you’re likely to work 90,000 hours in your lifetime

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