5 Ways to Survive Winter While Stuck in a Cubicle

Just because it’s cold and depressing outside doesn’t mean it has to be when you’re working!


Invest in good clothing layers, consider adding a small heater or electric blankets, and consider if more clothing is needed.


Growing an indoor garden, even a small couple of pots on a counter, will make an enormous health difference for both your air quality and mental health. Growing herbs or vegetables could improve your health physically.


Depression spikes around the winter holidays, due to expectations of the holidays and of the overwhelming grayness that comes afterwards. If that feels familiar, plan to meet up with people you’re comfortable being around and do an activity you enjoy, instead of trying to live up to expectations that can be extremely taxing.


It’s extremely easy after binging on comfort food to find that your weight has changed for the worse, but that sluggish food makes your mind and mood sluggish as well. Mix it up and have something healthier.


While driving past the gym might feel like it counted as going to the gym, (isn’t all that traffic an exercise in patience?) you and I both know it doesn’t have the same effect. If weights and treadmills aren’t your thing, try a walk around the neighborhood or see how many sit ups you can do during the commercial break.

Just because it’s nasty weather outside doesn’t mean your day has to be. Never let a bad five minutes ruin your whole day. All your decisions create the long term effect. Excuse me, I have to go drive by the gym again.