Flexible technical staffing

Our tenured recruiters work with employers nationwide who need uniquely skilled individuals for their businesses. As an independent, family-owned firm with six locations across the country, we can offer the personal attention of a local tech staffing agency with the reach of a much larger organization.

At NESC Staffing, we combine deep knowledge of the regions we serve with the resources you need to keep up with changing demands:

  • Access to higher-quality candidates
  • Technical expertise to meet critical project deadlines
  • Ability to flex your workforce as needed

Whether you need contract employees for a challenging project or highly qualified professionals for a tough-to-fill full-time position, our team can help you achieve your goals.



Why add people to your core team only for a specific project, to address a spike in demand or prepare for growth? Contract employees provide the bandwidth you need to get things done without the risk of full-time hires.


Assess a candidate at your location before extending an offer. This option allows you to see a candidate in action. Wonder if they really have the right skill set or fit in with the rest of the team? There’s only one way to know for sure.

Direct Hire.

Streamline your hiring process by allowing NESC Staffing to handle sourcing and screening for you. Quickly and cost-effectively build out your team without losing traction on your primary goals.

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