6 Steps to Take Control of Your Career

Take Control of Your Career

Taking control of your career requires something more out of you. If what you’re doing isn’t enough, then it’s time to see what works, what doesn’t, and know what direction you’re going.


1. Make a Plan

If you don’t know where you’re going, then it’s not under your control. Some people will want to make a long plan that covers five years, but others may need to change their situation faster and make a plan covering only a year. The point is to have a plan and an end state in mind. Make sure to keep your plan flexible in case things change or career plans alter. Having a plan is always the first step to taking control of your career. Make sure your plan has real and definite targets that are achievable and can be proven.

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2. Make an Honest Assessment of Your Strengths and Career Goals

You need to figure out your weak points and your strengths before you can proceed to your goals. Figure out the specific issues that might be holding you back and work on perfecting those as soon as possible. If necessary, find a mentor who can help you with more information from an impersonal point of view and can point out how other professionals would view your experience and skills. The more you work on your weaknesses, the more you can get ahead later!


3. Teach Yourself a Skill or Take a Class

Even just brushing up on your skills or taking a class in your industry will be a great way to show on your resume how you’re keeping your skills up-to-date, so no hiring manager needs to be worried that you might have become complacent. Mastering an online tool would be a great way to organize this delicate balancing act of your career, and can increase your efficiency.


4. Stand Out- Both at Work and Networking

This is a combination of networking with others and still standing out in the situation you’re currently in, so it’s a balancing act. This will take time – time to meet more people and make strong connections, time to really make your input at work count, time to brush up on your strengths and solve your weaknesses. Of course, it will take patience, but it’s about taking the time and getting to your goals.

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5. Feel Your Fear and Use It For Fuel

Don’t shy away from the aspects of your job search that make you uncomfortable. Plenty of this can feel paralyzing because it involves getting out of your comfort zone and addressing both your weaknesses while exploring new opportunities. Working for the control you want in your career requires pushing forward, including past your own boundaries. If it was easy, everyone would do it!


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