Straight A’s of NESC Staffing’s Values

NESC Staffing's Values

Values are the heart and soul of what makes a company function. It’s important for both clients and customers to know what NESC Staffing stands for before agreeing to anything. From our start in 1984 in a tiny office to our current offices stretched nationwide, we have upheld these company values:



Staffing is more than just customer service because it impacts people’s lives and futures. We’re investing in people. We are committed to our own people and take the time to help those who need it. Working in staffing means helping people accomplish great things, from helping that new college grad get the dream job to helping the single parent get through a rough patch. Our actions today will follow us tomorrow, so we better be able to stand by them. We recognize that staffing is more than a paycheck; it’s a life-changer.



Relationships are the foundation of our profession, both internally and externally. We set proper expectations and connect with our customers, our clients, and each other to prevent miscommunication, mistakes, and missed opportunities. We share our knowledge, our resources, and our expertise so that everyone here knows and understands what’s important and what steps to take next. As a team, we work together to have the best possible outcomes for everyone and communication is essential to reach our goals.



All of us, from the highest form of management to the interns are held accountable for our actions. As a company, we are each held answerable for our actions. Honoring our promises is the only way to earn trust and respect. We place a high value on honesty and integrity, with both our own staff and our customers. We expect everyone’s word to be good, everyone’s actions to back up their word, and everyone’s motives to be in the best interest of everyone involved.



Respect is earned. We are self-disciplined, self-improving, and self-motivating. Each one of us is responsible for meeting and exceeding expectations. We want employees who are great independent decision-makers and to feel free to consult their managers with suggestions and ideas. The leader’s job is to set a clear context so that everyone has the right information to make good decisions.


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