How to Answer “How Would Your Boss or Coworkers Describe You?” Interview Question

This interview question comes up when the interviewer sees that you’re not the type to brag about your past accomplishments. That’s when you need an answer to the question of “how would your boss or coworkers describe you?” and we have the strategy to give the best answer, every time.   Why Does Anyone Ask… Read more »

How To Answer “Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?” Interview Question

If you’re currently working and looking for a new position, this question will definitely come up. It can come in different formats, but you will be asked essentially the same thing. The key is to have a tactful and honest response prepared ahead of time. You’ll need to consider why you want to leave and… Read more »

10 Most Common Interview Questions and How to Answer

Use this interview guide to answer common interview questions – and what kind of answers will get you hired! Over and over again, whether you’re interviewing for a data analyst position, aerospace engineer, or for the position that doesn’t require any experience, you’re going to run into the same kind of questions. We’ve prepared a… Read more »

 5 Most Important Phone Interview Tips

Why a Phone Interview? Why do managers ask for phone interviews? Phone interviews are used to narrow down the amount of applicants who will be interviewed in person. If you get a phone interview, you need to know that making it to an in-person interview isn’t a definite. You need to earn that in-person interview!… Read more »

5 Ways To Make an Amazing First Impression

Interviews can be rough! You know you’re supposed to bring your resume and be polite to the hiring manager, but what other things do you need to know about interviews? Show Up on Time Being punctual to your interview should be a given, but it’s worth mentioning again: show up on time. If you’re running… Read more »

Answer the Interview Question “What Is Your Greatest Strength?”

three gold trophies in case

The question of what your greatest strength is in the workplace always comes up, no matter what position!  Answering your strength is actually easier than you think, if you know what to look for! Watch for Different Versions of The Strength Question This question also hides under the disguise of: What do you do best?… Read more »