How To Stand Out As a Remote Employee In Conference Calls & Video Chats

Are you ready to work from home? Sure, the commute is great, but will you still be able to prove yourself when you don’t have to show up in person? Of course you can! Whether it’s video chats, conference, calls, or text chats, we can help! We have the tricks on how you can still stand out from the herd, even if you’re not there in person.


Pay Attention

Working from home implies that any number of other things could have your interest and the person droning on about the PowerPoint presentation or describing the next project is aware of this. It’s important to pay attention and take notes, so that you can refer to those points later on. While a coworker might be pointedly ignoring the conversation and have their side muted,  you’re going to be ready with pointed, accurate, and directly on-target follow up questions and suggestions. You know who remember which remote employee was paying attention in these meetings? The person who answered your question.  Make your time count and pay attention.


Be Assertive

Can’t see the slideshow because of technical difficulties? Speak up. Can’t hear what your coworker is saying because they’re too far from the speakerphone? Speak up. Can’t communicate because all the electricity went down? Okay, that’s a stretch, but you get the point.You have to take the initiative, because you’re the one who will miss out on key points and end up confused when everyone continues on without you. Also don’t hesitate to contribute to the conversation! Make sure everyone hears you, it furthers the conversation, and that it’s not something that has already been covered. Saying something useful and different will make a strong impact long after the meeting is over.


Check Your Tech

It doesn’t matter how much you pay attention or how assertive you are if your tools don’t work. Before logging into a conference call or video chat, make sure that everything is hooked up the way it’s supposed to be, that you have the correct program installed, and the necessary information to connect in time. Make sure you are confident in how you will log on and connect with everyone else before it’s time to do so. Everyone finds it jarring when someone enters a meeting half-way through, either in-person on online.  You wouldn’t consider it professional to miss a meeting in-person, so make sure you have the technical skills to avoid giving that impression online.


Be Mindful

Take care not to show the accidental rudeness that can come with a video chat or conference call, such as loud background noise, a distracting or messy background, or having the camera looking straight up your nose. Be sure not to get too chatty about off-topic conversations. People who are new to working from home may feel socially isolated, now that there isn’t anyone stopping by their desks to chat and no one asking to have lunch. This still doesn’t excuse taking up twenty minutes to catch up with everyone about their weekend plans at the beginning of your video chat. Do catch up with them, but just do it when it’s not on company time and not in the meeting.

To wrap up, we recommend you 1) pay attention, 2) be assertive whether its about a problem or contributing to the conversation, 3) check your tech skills so you don’t miss anything, and 4) be mindful of the situation from other people’s point of view. With these four recommendations in mind, you’ll be able to show that you’re able to go the extra mile no matter where you’re located!


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