5 Body Language Tips For Your Interview

5 Body Language Tips

Do you have an upcoming job interview? Congratulations! Everyone suggests to “watch your body language” but what does that mean? We break it down in five easy and simple tips to make sure you ace your next job interview!

Don’t Do Direct Eye Contact

Many people find direct eye contact as too aggressive. Look at their nose or forehead, so it comes across as direct “face contact”. You’re not being rude and can’t be considered too aggressive with your direct eye contact. Maintaining eye contact is a must, to not only show attention, but also your engagement with the situation and your interest in the position.


Show Your Palms

Having your palms up shows honesty and engagement, the top two things everyone wants to show in a job interview. It’s tied to survival instincts, which is also why handshakes are important


Hand Gestures That Don’t Work

Tapping fingers is the topmost complained about body language in a job interview. This shows impatience and is irritating to everyone else. This is considered rude, no matter what the situation. Also considered rude or too aggressive: clenching fists, biting nails, and waving hands about unnecessarily came in as the next top complaints. Touching your face comes across as either too shy or self-absorbed. Make sure you also don’t cross your arms. This can come across in two ways: either you’re angry or you’re defensive. Even if you’re cold, don’t cross your arms in a job interview.


Do Smile and Nod While Listening

Smiling shows that you’re open to what you’re being told and nodding implies that you’re absorbing the information without having to interrupt the hiring manager.


When Answering a Question, Take a Breath and Answer on the Exhale

Doing this gives you two advantages: you get a bit to think and your voice will sound more confident than if you answered on the inhale. You will soothe any nerves you have at the same time. Deep breathing engages the parasympathetic reaction (the opposite of your fight-or-flight reaction)  and controls your rest, relax, and digest response. Your breathing slows, your heart rate drops, your blood pressure lowers, and your body will return to a state of calm.

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