3 Ways To Look Your Best In and Out of the Office

3 Ways to Look Your Best In and Out of the Office

Currently, many companies are adapting to the hybrid work environment. Meaning employees are afforded the convenience of either working at home or working in a dedicated office space. But, have you ever considered your appearance for both styles of working? When it comes time to start your day, you should always remain consistent no matter how or where you report to work. Making sure you have the proper attire from head to toe will help you stay confident and prepared to take on any challenge that comes your way.


Here are some tips to help you style yourself and ensure you’ll be looking and feeling great professionally, and remain a memorable figure in your organization!




If you need to plan your outfits for the workday, you need to consider what’s appropriate based on company etiquette. Since the start of the pandemic, many organizations have adopted a more relaxed dress code by allowing employees to dress business casual and ditch their suits and ties. Depending on your industry, it’s best practice to always keep a few suits handy just in case your company arranges certain events, like end-of-the-year celebrations where more formal attire might be required.


The business casual dress code gives you the opportunity to get creative and do more than polo shirts and button-up blouses. In fact, plenty of retailers now offer dedicated workwear sections on their websites featuring the latest trendy outfits suitable for office wear. Be adventurous by standing out and taking risks, while also maintaining proper comfort and professionalism. Some staple items worth having are relaxed slacks like chino pants, belts, and of course a fashionable pair of shoes. If you live in a climate with changing seasons, adapt your wardrobe by stocking up on cardigans to provide a nice layered look, as they can be universally worn both on and off the clock.



Accessories can afford various opportunities to complement your daily outfit. Some great pieces that’ll make you look your best are, of course, watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. But, it’s best to not overdo it as you don’t want all the attention taken away from what you’re wearing. They should also coordinate with the color scheme of your outfit. Therefore, with each accessory you wear, be mindful of choosing colors neutral enough to add that extra flare to your outfit. Thankfully, for those who wear smartwatches, there are a plethora of interchangeable watch bands available that are suitable for any occasion. You can never go wrong with the classic chain link watch band, or other styles that resemble more of a classic bracelet look.


Choosing accessories can go beyond just jewelry and watches, as it can be a pretty broad category. Accessories can also include your work bag, a pair of shoes, and even eyewear. Work bags can be pretty comprehensive and provide enough space for any important paperwork, among other necessities. Try not to overpack your bag and make it too heavy, especially if you take public transportation! Make sure to pack the essential items suitable to do your job, such as your laptop or notebook, but also include other items like a comfortable pair of shoes to slip into when leaving the office for the day. Although work bags are great for storing everything, make sure you have items such as a padded laptop sleeve or an eyewear case for added protection. Nothing is worse than reaching inside your bag and pulling out a busted pair of glasses as they might’ve been pushed around inside during the commute. Sunglasses are a must-have when out and about as the sun isn’t out just during the summer months. You can easily find an affordable pair of sunglasses online that can guarantee you proper defense from those harmful ultraviolet rays. Simply rotate them with your regular glasses when storing them in a case in your bag to have them last longer.


Once you get the business casual essentials sorted, now it’s time to actually follow through and be your best and most stylish self. You’ve come this far, so don’t revert back to wearing wrinkly t-shirts and sweatpants, especially if you work from home. Sometimes there’s uncertainty that pops up during the day, like an unexpected client meeting, and you don’t want to give the wrong impression. Prepare yourself beforehand by always looking presentable, specifically if you have to meet on Zoom. For those who’re in the office, get to know your space and identify quiet areas that you can quickly move to when the time comes for a meeting. When working on the go, either from home or from your favorite coffee shop, it’s important to remember to preset your camera background to the blur option, which can act as a lifesaver by reducing any visual distractions. Next, investing in a great pair of noise-canceling headphones you can use for work and leisure is a great idea. That way you can solely hear whatever meetings you’re in, while also reducing any unnecessary background noise when it’s time for you to speak.


In addition to your daily meeting preparation, other personal touches such as how you style your hair, and how you take care of your skin are just as critical when trying to form a positive impression of your work image. Your morning routine can make or break your day, so implementing a proper skincare regimen is critical here. When developing your regimen, be sure to research the ingredients of the various serums and creams before buying just to make sure the product effectively does what the label says and so you’re fully aware of what’s going on your skin. Also, when getting ready for the day, make sure you aren’t rocking a bedhead by properly combing and brushing your hair. How your hair looks can be one of the first things people look at when you arrive at the office, and you want to lead with the best impression.


No matter if you’re meeting via Zoom or in a conference room, adding extra touches to your overall physical presentation will showcase that you take care of yourself. Paying attention to these details can also make you feel good on the inside, and at the end of the day will help nurture your confidence.


If you’re looking for a career change and seeking out a new role, take note of these valuable tips! They can help you also become a more valuable candidate when companies are deciding who to hire. Putting your best foot forward will reward you professionally in the long run. Be sure to refer back to the open positions we’re recruiting for here at NESC Staffing and let us help you!


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