Top 5 Tips for Getting a New Job in 2022

Top 5 Tips for Getting a New Job in 2022

Need a new career for the new year? As the Great Resignation of 2021 continues into 2022, it’s only natural for everyone to reconsider their career choices. While there are currently record numbers of people applying to new jobs, that doesn’t mean there can’t be one for you, and these five tips will get you there.  Here’s how you can get started:

  1. It’s All in the Timing
  2. Note Your Transferable Skills
  3. Does Your Resume Accurately Represent You?
  4. Get Your Resume Past the Computer System
  5. Prepare for Competition


It’s All in the Timing

December and early January are often the hardest times to get a new job because staff, including management, are on vacation. Most companies have their new budgets in place by the beginning of the year. This combination means that finding a new job in mid to late January and February is your best chance at getting hired. While this may put your mind at ease early on, it also means that hiring managers may return to a mountain of resumes after they return.


Note Your Transferable Skills

It’s important to remember your transferable skills, even if you’ve been out of work or at the same place for years. If you had to learn a new computer system that was built strictly for that one workplace, then you have excellent skills at adapting to new technology, and that’s a transferable skill. When applying to new places, it’s important to remember why you are a good fit and what drew you to apply there in the first place.

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Does Your Resume Accurately Represent You?

Double-check your resume to make sure it has the updated information that employers need! It’s no good if it hasn’t been updated or has the wrong phone number on it. Make sure yours looks like a winner with the correct information and the right format for where you are in your career. There are plenty of people who, years after graduating, use the same format they used fresh out of school, and that’s not accurate. Don’t give hiring managers any excuse for rejecting your resume.

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Get Your Resume Past the Computer System

Often when people don’t hear back after sending in their resume, it’s because a real person never saw it. This often feels disheartening because you don’t know why it’s happening. You can avoid this potential problem by getting your resume ready for the ATS, otherwise known as the Applicant Tracking System. Companies often use computer filtering software to remove anyone who isn’t qualified, which often prevents real resumes from being seen by real people. Don’t let technology work against you in 2022!  If this has ever happened to you, we have some suggestions:

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Prepare for Competition

While applying for a new job in January and February is logical, it’s also the most common time for people to apply for new positions. This year of 2022 in particular has people applying at greater rates than ever before. Make absolutely sure that you’re more prepared than you usually are when applying for a job. Do your homework on the company, finesse your answers for the most likely interview questions, and yes, write that cover letter. You’re going up against more people than usual to find a job, so make sure you’re ready!

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Looking for a new job in 2022 doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’d like to skip the job search altogether and go straight to the job, you can send your resume to our Skip the Search section and someone from NESC Staffing will contact you with our current job openings for your area.