3 Free Templates for Your Post-Interview Thank You Email

How to Write a Thank You Email After the Interview (With Examples)

If you’ve made it to the interview, you are probably up against other candidates. It’s safe to assume that the other candidates have the same qualifications as you. This means you need to do something extra to stand out and the thank you email is the best place to do that!

We’re here to cover all the pieces of how to write a thank you email after the interview that gets you hired! In this article, you’ll find:

  • sample thank you email formats that you can copy and personalize
  • how to write a great thank you email
  • the job interview etiquette you need to know: where to send it, who to address it to, and how to send it.

In this article, we’re going to cover

Templates for Your Post-Interview Thank You Email

How to Write an Amazing Thank You Email

What to Write in Your Thank You Email When You Messed Up Your Job Interview

When to Send Your Email

Doublecheck These Things Before You Hit ‘Send’


Don’t Have Everyone’s Email Address?

What if you’re sending a bunch of thank you notes to the same place and only have one email address? You can send them all to the same person and ask them to forward them on. It’s better to send it to one instead of not at all.


Templates for Your Post-Interview Thank You Email

Thank-You Template for Entry Level Position

Sometimes brevity is your best friend. Getting straight to the point can help you out! Here is an easy template to help you get started, great for jobs that are either entry-level or don’t require a lot of experience:

Subject line: Thank you, (interviewer’s name)!

Hello (person’s name),

Thank you for meeting with me today to discuss the (job title) opportunity. I really enjoyed learning about your time at (company name) and where you see the company going in the next five years (or something else specifically mentioned during the interview).

The position sounds exactly like what I’m looking for and I believe my experience in (account, customer service, managing a team) would help me thrive in this position. I’d love to be a part of (company name) because of the (aspect of the job that made you apply, particular challenge, or note about the organization). It was especially exciting discussing the (personalized part of the interview).

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Thank you again for meeting with me about this exciting opportunity.

Best regards,

(your name)


Thank You Email Example for Middle-Level Executive Position

“Dear Mr. Madden,

Thank you for your time yesterday afternoon. I greatly enjoyed discussing the marketing position and appreciated learning more about the marketing department.

It sounds like a rewarding role, especially with room for growth. I think my several years of experience in analytics and graphic design make me an ideal candidate for the role.

Our discussion of possible projects going further, specifically using video and graphics, make this position particularly interesting.

I look forward to discussing this opportunity again and hope to hear from you next Thursday. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any more additional information about my references or portfolio.

Thank you,

Sara Lee





Thank You Letter Template for Senior Position

If you’re applying for a senior position, then this might be the template for you:

Hello (person’s name),

It was a pleasure meeting you today to discuss the exciting opportunity as the (role you applied for) at (company name). This position sounds exactly like the type of job I’m looking for, with the (specific responsibility about the job) sounding particularly rewarding. 

To follow up on our conversation about (specific thing or skill mentioned during interview), I’ve attached a copy of my latest work for (a goal the company has, like increased customer satisfaction). I’d be happy to discuss it with you further if you see it as a useful resource.

I’m very interested in the position and believe that my (however many numbers of years of experience) years of experience will be beneficial for (company name) when (name their future goal, such as getting new customers, expanding into new territory, etc.). 

I look forward to hearing from you about the next steps in the job interview process and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you again,

(your name)


Shouldn’t It Be Handwritten?

Handwritten thank-you notes are best for high-level positions, but usually, this is a matter of speed. If you think you might have any competition at all, go for email. You know that it will go to the correct person at the company when it will be delivered, and it’s easier for the company as a whole.


How to Write an Amazing Thank You Email

  • Clear Email Subject line
  • Open with the name of the person who interviewed you
  • Express thanks for their time
  • Briefly reinforce that you’re interested in the position
  • Sum up your qualifications
  • Why you want to work there or what is special about the company to you
  • Consider referencing something that came up while you and the interviewer were getting to know each other, which would make your email more personal, like a company goal
  • Close your interview with thanking them again for the interview and ask about any future steps

Clear Email Subject Line

Keep it short and make it personal. The subject line is valuable territory because it’s what the interviewer will see before they open it – and may determine IF they open it at all! Using the interviewer’s name shows the reader that it’s not spam. Another option is to use your own name, like “Thank you note from John Tucker” so that you remind them that you were interviewed. The key point is that you need to show that your email isn’t a junk email and to entice them to actually read it. You need to make sure that happens because thank-you emails are reminding them that they interviewed you – and wouldn’t you be a great candidate? Why yes, you would.


Open With Personalized Greeting

  • Address the hiring manager by name
  • If you were interviewed by more than one person, then send one thank you email per person.
  • If you end up sending more than one, be absolutely sure that you personalize them because they will definitely compare them. This is the time to show that you’re not above doing a little bit of hard work – and this will make you look better than anyone who just sent everyone the same copied and pasted version.
  • Writing a thank you email after the interview serves a purpose, which is to connect with the hiring manager again. Personalize, personalize, personalize!


Express Thankfulness

  • You’d be surprised how many people send a thank you note without ever actually including the words “thank you”. Please don’t be one of them.
  • Be sincere in your appreciation.


Express Enthusiasm For The Position

  • Show interest! Expressing any enthusiasm for any position will always put your resume above any competition that doesn’t.
  • Sum up the qualifications you have that make you not just qualified, but by far the best candidate they could hope to find
  • Telling them why you want to work there will reinforce why you should be one of them. If it’s the charity work that the company does, or the overall message, or the excellent customer service, figure out what the company prides itself on and explain how that’s important to you.
  • Afterward is when you can reference something during the interview, like the most interesting part of the job, or a group company goal, or something that would show that you were listening and want to be a part of the team.

Close With Interest

    • Saying thank you again makes it clear why you sent it
    • Asking about future steps at the end of the email makes it more likely that they will let you know


What to Write in Your Thank You Email When You Messed Up Your Job Interview

First, be honest. Let them know that the interview wasn’t a good representation of your work.

Secondly, share what you wish you had said instead. Give specific details without letting this take over the majority of the email. Did they ask you a question, technical or otherwise, that you didn’t have the answer to? Find that answer and include it in your email. If they asked you a question that you didn’t have the answer to, immediately find out that answer and include it in your thank-you note.

Thirdly you can ask for another chance. This is risky but can be done.

Lastly, close with why you’d be the best person for the role. Point out how your experience and skills do make you a good fit, and how you could be a good culture fit as well.

You can’t always recover from a big interview mistake, but you can always leave a classy impression for the next time they’re hiring.

More details on what to do here: 10 Signs You Bombed The Interview (and How to Recover)


When to Send Your Email

Once you write your thank you email after the job interview, be sure to send it within 24 hours, while they still remember you. The more people they interview, the harder it is to stand out, so do it while your resume is still fresh in their memory.


Doublecheck These Things Before You Hit ‘Send’

  • Did you spellcheck? Typos and grammatical errors can come across as a lack of attention to detail.
  • Do you have the right email address?
  • Did you spell the person’s name correctly? Nobody likes seeing their own name misspelled – and they’re going to remember if you did.
  • Did you include your contact information? Sure, it’s on the resume, but make it easy for them to hire you!

Now you’ve covered all of the steps of how to write a thank you email after your interview.  If you don’t hear back within a week, it’s okay to give them a call or send another email. A week is plenty of time – but don’t be too pushy! Don’t bother people, because it’s a fast track to being booted off the shortlist. Be patient!

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