9 Ways a Temp Agency Help Job Seekers

A temp agency can help job seekers in so many ways. Plenty of places say that they’re hiring, but do you know for sure? Can you be certain that your resume will make it to an actual person and not get stuck in the computer’s Applicant Tracking System? How do you know if you’re even the person they’re looking for? We have the solution for you.

That’s where temp agencies come in. Let’s go through all the reasons why you should apply to a temp agency instead of applying to each job you find online, one at a time.


9 Ways That Temp Agencies Help Job Seekers

Companies Pay the Temp Agency

First off, let’s get those rumors out of the way. Companies pay temp agencies to find someone to fill a specific job. If a recruiter from a temp agency calls you, it’s because you have the right resume for them to place you in a position they currently have open. You never pay your temp agency. You will receive the same paycheck as if you had walked in off the street, but the company will pay both you and the recruiter. Temp agencies are paid if they find the right person who is then also hired. They are NOT paid if we find the right person who then waits by the phone, gets frustrated and finds something else.


Temp Agencies Don’t Post Ghost Jobs

Some jobs hiring near you aren’t actually real jobs. Why would a company post a job that’s not real? Because they have a contract. As beautifully outline in The Undercover Recruiter,  large companies have contracts with job boards like Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, and others. Those companies are required to post a certain amount of jobs, so when they’re nearing the end of their contacts, they post ghost jobs. It’s the same concept as finishing what is on your plate when you’re already full. If they don’t use those job postings, they lose them. With this method, they also get your resume (which has your contact information) and can call you about this later, if a real position ever opens up.

Recruiters, on the other hand, don’t get paid for their work if it’s a ghost job. Temp agencies are paid by companies only if they find the right person and if the company hires them.  Only then does anyone at the staffing agency get paid. Temp agencies are NOT paid if the right person is found, interviewed, waits by the phone, gets frustrated, and finds something else. That’s a missed opportunity, which no one wants.


Temp Agencies Have Jobs Hiring Near You

Jobs hiring near you are the only jobs you should be applying to, because too much of a commute can seriously ruin a good day. Every good recruiter is taught to research how far away you live, based on the location you put on your online resume. No one is going to travel an insane amount of their day for a job that they could get closer. They must first look up how far away you live because no recruiter at a staffing agency is paid based on an interview or a phone call. Of course, you get to decide if the commute is worth it, but the recruiter has done the work ahead of time.


You Can Try Out New Jobs

Not much is worse than if you’ve ever taken just any job, only to find out that you hated it. Just because you’re qualified for the position doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for you. But how do you know until you work there? Interviews are designed to help companies figure out if you’re a fit for them. Temporary work is a great way to see if they’re a fit for you!

Trying out a few weeks or months somewhere new can be a great way for you to see if the company’s culture and the position itself are right for you. The majority of our positions are “temp-to-perm”, meaning it starts a temporary position that will become permanent if everyone agrees that you’re the right fit.

If not, then no harm, no foul. Your recruiter can take a look at what else is available in your area and send your resume off to a new company.


Temp Agencies Have the Inside Scoop

We get first notice on jobs that aren’t posted. Sometimes jobs aren’t posted because someone else is about to be fired, or because it’s an extension on an existing department, or for a whole host of other reasons. Companies that hire staffing agencies often don’t want to advertise some of those reasons, so instead, they reach out to a temp agency and ask that recruiters say something along the lines of “We can’t disclose the company name until you have an interview”, just in case you might tell everyone on your social media. This is a requirement when people are recruited for a secret position. It’s a real position, but not advertised. If you contacted the company directly, you could cause a lot of internal trouble. The recruiter isn’t allowed to tell you until an interview is scheduled.


Your Resume Goes to a Real Person

Not a computer, not the administrative assistant, but the hiring manager. Your resume gets to the person who is doing the actual hiring, instead of just anyone who will accept it. Your recruiter has the inside information on who will be interviewing you and what kind of interview you’re walking into. That’s the kind of information that can make all the difference in your interview.


Recruiters Will Get You Feedback

Ever had a great interview, only to never hear anything back? That’s the worst! Was it you? Was it them? Did you do something wrong? Did they find someone else? Is your resume a failure?

With a recruiter on your side, you can know that you’ll hear some feedback either way. It’s not always good news, but it’s news you need to hear so that it doesn’t happen again! Instead of waiting for feedback, you can also call your recruiter right after the interview! Tell them everything that happened, so they can then talk to the company’s hiring manager and ask for the manager’s opinion.


Temp Agencies Can Send Your Resume to Multiple Openings, Saving You Time and Energy

Sure, you can apply to one job after another after another online. Uploading your resume every single time or worst case scenario: having to both upload a resume and fill out an extensive application, which usually says the exact same thing as your resume! No one has time for that!

Recruiters can take your one resume, see what you’re qualified to do, and then offer you what jobs that are open. If there are multiple jobs that you’re qualified for, your recruiter can send your resume to your first choice, your second choice, and your third choice. They can do all this without you having to do re-apply over and over again. Your recruiter might ask you to wait on the results from your first choice before sending your resume over to your second choice, but how many jobs are you looking for?


Nationwide Opportunities are Available

If you’re moving or have just moved somewhere new, contacting a staffing agency can make a huge difference. You’ll be able to meet new people immediately and have the security of knowing how you’ll pay for your new place. This is great for people with spouses in the armed forces. They often have little notice about where they’re moving to next. Not only can you find out about jobs hiring near you, but also jobs hiring near your next destination!


The next time you’re looking for work, check out our latest career openings. Find out what jobs are available and hiring near you at NESC Staffing jobs.


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