“Why Do You Want To Work Here?” Interview Question

Why Do You Want To Work Here

Filtering through many resumes can be time-consuming, so it’s understandable that hiring managers might cut to the chase by asking “Why do you want to work here?” They’re trying to figure out if you would fit in at the company and if you would add value to the existing team.

Don’t use the obvious answer of “you’re hiring and I need a job.” While it might be true, that doesn’t express why you want to work here in particular, as opposed to somewhere else that is also hiring. They need to know why you’re a fit for this particular company.


Know Why Your Work There Would Matter

Remember that interview questions aren’t actually about who you are as a person, but instead what you can do for the company. Before going into your interview, be sure to see what the company stands for and what its possible pain points are. You need to know their values and what makes you genuinely enthusiastic about working for this particular employment. Check the company website and social media for details.


Analyze the Job Description

Job postings are broken down into a few standard sections: information about the company, the required qualifications, a description of the responsibilities of the position, and how to apply. The length varies, but make sure your qualifications hit at least 80% of the requirements before applying.


Ideal Answer In 3 Parts

The ideal answer would be to express you know enough about the company and how it lines up with your career goals.  Therefore you have to break it into two pieces:

1 Name something about the company

2. Your past experience and expertise

3. Tie them all together to the position you’re applying to


An Ideal Answer:

“I want to work here because your business is known for making a commitment to its excellent healthcare products (company knowledge) and my experience in marketing health care products (past experience) has me intrigued in the possibilities (tied together). ”

Or something like this: “This company’s online posts show how far this company is willing to go to make your customers satisfied (company knowledge) and my experience in customer service (experience) could be an asset in keeping those reviews at five stars and sticking to those company values (tied together).”


Make Sure

Keep it brief! Our sample answers are each one sentence for a reason. Don’t focus on the company’s perks or salary, and don’t start any personal conversation with the interviewer. Keep it positive and you’ll get positive results!


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