5 Ways to Excel at Work To Get Promoted

Are you looking to get a promotion? Here’s how you can get ahead and get promoted by really getting on board with what your company – and your boss – are looking to improve. Here’s what companies and their managers pay attention to and what you can control.


5 Ways to Excel at Work To Get Promoted

Show Initiative

Doing the bare minimum never gets noticed in a good way and is rarely remembered. That one enthusiastic person with fresh ideas and who takes on extra projects is the team player everyone wants to work with – and the person who will get a raise first. Notice that the wording is “show” initiative and that’s not an accident. The key thing is that your boss and your team members hear and see you offering assistance, asking for more to do, and doing more than is required. (And make sure the results are fantastic!) Remember that to get promoted is to get more responsibilities, so show that you can handle it!


Understand Your Boss’s Goals

Plenty of people work for years for an employer that they either don’t understand or don’t care about the end goals. This is a terrible mistake and can cause multiple issues down the road. It’s critical for you to know your company’s goals. If you don’t know, ask bosses and colleagues for suggestions. Anyone get promoted recently? What did they do to get there? You can learn from their stories and get your own promotion.


Make Your Word Count

Be clear about when you can realistically reach deadlines, what projects you’re working on, and what you need from others – as well as what you’re willing to give in response. Getting to know your team members and clearly discussing what goals and deadlines you can reach can make a great difference in how the other team players perceive you. Everyone would rather know any limitations upfront instead of afterward, especially if their own agendas are in any way tied to yours.  Make sure you show your work afterward, so people know to trust what you say.


Have a Positive Attitude

Not surprisingly, everyone would rather work with someone who has a good attitude than with a grouch. Attitudes can be contagious and a positive attitude from one person will spread to the whole team.  Being that supportive person who tries to brighten someone else’s day is always well received, and showing that you support their goals is always wanted.  This also means that when you’re getting feedback, it’s necessary to take it like a professional – even if you completely disagree with it. Prove them wrong, but don’t throw a fit. After all, you’re proving how you can handle all the aspects of that future position!


Take Care of Yourself

You’re of no use to anyone if you’re not taking care of yourself first. You know the drill: eat healthily, get some sleep, and move around. The fact is that if you’re out sick or coming in sluggish because you didn’t get enough sleep, then you’re just not at your best working self.  After a long day of smiling even when you didn’t mean it or trying to clarify exactly what someone needs for the umpteenth time, it can feel like a treat to indulge. The trouble is that this isn’t the best way to excel long-term. When those days happen (and they will), remind yourself of your long-term goals. Take care of your own goals and yourself first.


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