5 Most Important Phone Interview Tips

Why a Phone Interview?

Why do managers ask for phone interviews? Phone interviews are used to narrow down the number of applicants who will be interviewed in person. If you get a phone interview, you need to know that making it to an in-person interview isn’t definite. You need to earn that in-person interview! Here’s our inside scoop on how you’re going to get there:


Get the Details Ahead of Time

What day and what time will they be calling – and are they calling from this time zone? Is your phone charged? Do you have a quiet place to have this conversation? Who is calling and what’s their role – or will there be more than one person? If the call drops, what phone number should you call back? You don’t want something so small as a phone problem to keep you from getting through this interview!


Get the Gear

Since this is a phone interview, you can have some notes: relevant information about the company, the job description of what you’d be doing if hired, your own resume, and don’t forget your phone charger! A notepad and pen or pencil can be helpful if you’d like to take notes and maybe a water bottle.



This is like any other interview, with the exception that you can have some notes on hand. Too many people think a phone interview isn’t as important, but remember that this is to narrow down how many people get the in-person interview. You have competition, so you better be ready! Browse the company’s website, see if they have any recent news, and scroll through their social media. You’re looking for a mission statement, some history, and what kind of company they are so you can present your answers appropriately.


Practice and Be Ready

When you answer the phone, make sure to include your name so the interviewer doesn’t have to ask for you – implying that you’re not ready for this interview. Set the right first impression with an easy answer like “Hello, this is (your name here)” and it’s as simple as that.

As for the other questions, be sure to know why you want to work there and show enthusiasm! When they ask “walk me through your resume”,  it helps to have your resume in front of you so that you can talk about how you got to this point in your career – and how it’s relevant to the role you’re currently interviewing for. Remember that this is a very real interview and you need to prepare as much as if you were going to an in-person interview.


Say Thank You

Sending an email or physical letter thanking the hiring manager for their time and to further express your interest in this position could make the difference in getting the next interview or not. Be sure to follow through on this last part because while you hope you made an excellent impression, you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd! Remember, this is about separating yourself from the pack of other people applying for the same job. You’ve got this!

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