Tips for Finding Jobs Hiring Near You

Finding New Jobs Hiring Near You

When you’re looking for work, it can be tempting to just type into a computer “jobs hiring near me” and hope that it pops right to your dream job that’s nearby and paying well. While one of the great aspects of using the internet to search for jobs, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the options. In this article, we will give you multiple options of how to find jobs hiring near you, no matter what industry you’re in.


When Finding Jobs Hiring Near You

When you’re looking for a job in a specific geographic location, it can be even worse. If you’re moving across the country or just want to stay close to home, it’s important that you consider all of the strategies available.

When searching for an open job near you or your new location, it’s important to take in the full picture. Read on for the full list of tips from our seasoned staff to show how you can find what you’re looking for:


NESC Staffing

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There’s no better place to professionally network with your connections than LinkedIn. Designed for business, it still is the go-to platform for finding jobs directly through your current connections and connecting with people in your extended network. When looking for jobs hiring near you, it’s important to include the connections you already have!

Your profile is your resume, and your latest activity is easily accessible to hiring managers. You’re able to post relevant industry information, participate in professional discussions, and give professional recommendations. Being able to connect with people just outside of your immediate network allows you to network online with people you may not have met otherwise.



You might be surprised what happens when you google “jobs hiring near me” – you’ll get advertisements of jobs near you! Google for Jobs is a job search powered by Google. Job seekers can apply for different positions directly from the Google open bar.

Google collects these positions from a variety of sources. The difference is that Google pulls the job listings for your review and Google’s technology powers the search results. You just type in what you’re looking for and Google will try to match it. This means that Google will search the job board search engines that partnered with them, which includes, Glassdoor, Facebook, and

If you type into Google what you’re looking for, Google will present you with a box saying “Jobs”. Those options include a pay rate which may not be the pay rate the job is offering. If the hiring company doesn’t include a pay rate, Google provides the average pay with information taken from sites such as Payscale or Glassdoor.


Try Community Boards

Finding a job hiring near you or your future location, there’s nothing quite like finding a community board. While they’re not job-focused, they are a community of people trying to help each other out. You can find them in such forms as the Facebook page for your town,, or the community page for your town hall. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of community boards, because, in a small enough town, everyone knows everyone else – and they know who is hiring.

Don’t discount pages based on your location, such as Craigslist. Since those sites now routinely charge employers for advertisements, you’ll be less likely to run into a scam or fake job advertisement.


Check State Websites

Most states have their own job directories for federal job openings. That can include job directories, phone banks, and other online resources. You can find a local position at your Chamber of Commerce.


Find a Career Fair- Online or In-Person

During the pandemic, career fairs went online. Whether you choose an online career fair or in-person, they are a great way to find out who is hiring near you. Career fairs are a one-stop-shop situation where you can hear about multiple job openings from many different companies in one day. Typically career fairs feature companies that are near that area, so you’re guaranteed to find local jobs.


Last Tips

Now that you know a variety of ways to find jobs hiring near you, be sure to give a good first impression, rock those job interviews, and send a thank you email afterward!

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