3 Factors to Finding Secure Jobs in the Future

If you’ve lived through the great recession of economic downturn during the late 2000s and now a global pandemic, it’s only natural to try and find a career that will be in demand and secure if either of those events happens again.  This article will give you guidance on which industries have the most secure and in-demand jobs in the future that will also be expanding.

While no job is completely immune to the economy or natural events, some industries are more reliable than others.  Government jobs are considered fairly safe, but aren’t expected to expand so aren’t included on this list. You don’t want to just have a secure job, but one that will be in demand in the future and raise the wages as you gain experience.


Secure and Expanding Jobs in the Future

When choosing a new industry to invest your time and energy it’s safest to choose one that isn’t affected by a fluctuating economy.  As the country recovers from the last few years, some industries are booming. We chose these industries based on a few criteria:

  1. would a community thrive without it?
  2. will people pay money for that person’s expertise?
  3. Is it something that requires specific knowledge or could anyone do it?

If a community needs that expertise, people will pay for it, and it requires specific knowledge, then we consider it safe from any future catastrophic event.

This list is of jobs in the future that will be:

  1. growing over the next ten years
  2. likely won’t be laid off due to a recession, even if one occurs,
  3. very unlikely to be put out of business because of another pandemic.

Here we’ve summed up the trends that are evident in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. No time for the whole article? Skip ahead:


Medical Professions

The medical profession is always a good decision for long-term employment. No matter what happens, the world will need nurses, medical assistants, and doctors. If becoming a doctor or nurse sounds like too much college debt, you could consider becoming a medical assistant or certified nursing assistant. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career growth for medical assistants in the United States is expected to grow much faster than usual over the next ten years.

Not everyone wants to be that hands-on with patients. Don’t forget that hospitals also need medical records specialists and health technicians. Hospitals still need people to handle accounts and to operate the machinery. There will always be a need for EMTs to save people and bring them to a hospital.

For the medical profession, the best jobs in the future are medical assistants, nurse practitioners, medical and health service managers, and nursing assistants.


IT Jobs

As a culture, we now expect to be able to access internet wifi everywhere. We want it in every library, school, and social function. With an iPhone or Android, you can access tons of information across the world just from your pocket. Considering how popular this is, it’s no surprise that people with tech skills are in high demand and will be for at least the next ten years.

From informational security analysts to I.T. service technicians, there is a wide range of options available. Work environments are usually in an office or headquarters and fairly comfortable. Not all require a college degree, but you will still need to be educated in the field. Often interviews for IT jobs require passing a technical test.

For a solid tech job, the fastest-growing jobs in the future are computer user support specialists, software developers, and information security analysts.

Check out our latest tech jobs here.


Utility and Trade Jobs

Some jobs are necessary for daily life, no matter what. We all expect certain conveniences in our everyday daily life. This includes (but isn’t limited to) positions like electricians, HVAC positions, mechanics, plumbers, elevator mechanics, or welders. This type of position usually requires either a two-year degree or a hands-on mentorship. When a pipe bursts in someone’s house, it’s not a question of “why should we get a plumber?” but more like “how soon can the plumber get here?”. As long as people keep using air conditioning, water, heat, electricity, and cars, there will be a job opportunity for the person with the right expertise.

The fastest-growing trade jobs are electricians, industrial machinery mechanics, and security and fire alarm systems installers.

You can find our latest trade jobs here.


Jobs Affected by Both the Pandemic and the Recession

The worst jobs are those affected that would be affected by both a recession and a pandemic. Those without health insurance and dependent on the public’s tips for a paycheck are the most at risk. Any position that requires in-person interaction can make this position harder, but not impossible. While the country is on an upswing at the moment and these industries could recover, these are jobs that suffered during both the recession and the pandemic:

  • The food industry, including cooks, waiters, waitresses, and bartenders
  • Anyone working in hospitality, such as  hotel workers, flight attendants, and casino cashiers
  • The travel industry, including travel agents, cruises, and flight attendants
  • Amusement parks, including lifeguards and recreational attendants
  • Retail employees, particularly clothing and furniture stores
  • Movie theaters

As you can see, any job that is related to the public’s enjoyment is at risk during a crisis.

In conclusion, you should be able to figure out if your next job offer will be able to survive a pandemic or a recession. Only industries that are expected to grow in the next ten years are on this list. There are other industries you might find more appealing. Whichever industry you choose, make sure it is an essential part of a community, in demand by the customers for that expertise, and is skilled labor. This list of career opportunities that are expanding in the next ten years should hopefully guide you toward a recession-proof position so that your personal finances will always be stable.


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