6 Tips for How You Can Stand Out From the Pack During the “Great Resignation”

The pandemic changed how people viewed their work and maybe that happened to you. Maybe you discovered that you’re burnt out, or that you love working from home, or that you hate going to an “essential” job. According to Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index, about 41% of people are expected to leave their jobs, named the Great Resignation, and maybe you want to be one of them. But with that much competition, how do you stand out from the rest of the pack?


Apply selectively and do your homework

You’ll be wasting your time if you apply to every job opening. Too often people start applying to everything, but that’s just wasting your time if you’re not qualified. Instead, apply for jobs where you have at least 50% of the qualifications.

Don’t forget to do your homework! Be sure to find companies with values that you agree with because you can bring those up in an interview as a reason why you’d love to work there. It’s easy to have an appropriate answer to an interview question, but it’s hard to fake passion.


Apply on Monday Morning or Sunday Night

A study by Bright.com (later bought by LinkedIn) showed that the best day to apply for a job was on a Monday. The study said that 30% of people who applied on a Monday got an interview. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s the highest of any day of the week. It also helps that your application would be the first one seen by the hiring managers early in the morning.


Show how you can add value to the company

Giving quantified results of your past successes will show why you’re the best hire. Having just vague results won’t make your resume stand out in the slightest, and now’s not the time to blend in. Using specific numbers shows hard evidence of why you’re an excellent employee and is much more convincing than vague terminology.


Get ready for video interviews

For anyone who hasn’t been working remotely, there are still video interviews going on. With the rise of the virus, some companies are sticking with working remotely. Be sure that you are comfortable with a video interview. Remember, during this time of the Great Resignation that you need every possible tool you can use to be your best!

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Pandemic related interview questions

Everyone understands that while things may return to normal, we’re not going to forget how life was in 2020. When going into an interview, you might be asked how you coped, how it affected your career goals, how you dealt with the stress, adjusting to working remotely, and the strain of returning to work in person.

You will also want to ask the hiring manager how the company coped with the pandemic. For instance, how did the team adapt to working remotely? What impact did the pandemic have on the business? Did it change any of the company’s goals?

We go into more detail about this here: Pandemic Job Interview Questions and Answers


Be ready to explain why you’re looking for a different job

With employers having more turnover and more job applicants, they’re more likely to ask this question. Thinking about why you want a new position (or even a new career) will help you not only have the answer but also make a strategic and mindful move. You’ll feel more secure in your decisions and know that it’s not just jumping on the great resignation bandwagon.

Don’t be afraid to tell anyone if you’ve been laid off or furloughed. In these unusual times, both situations are pretty common. Or maybe you figured out that you work better remotely or with a more flexible schedule. Maybe you’ve learned new skills during your time at home or have changed your plans for the future. The main thing is to tie your reason of why you’re looking for a new job to the company where you’re interviewing. This is where having done your homework on the company pays off!

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When it comes to talking about this topic, remember that it’s still an interview and to keep your answers professional. You’re trying to stand out for all the right reasons!

It’s vital that you make a splash against your competition, so to review: apply selectively and on Sunday night or Monday morning, show why you’re an asset, be ready to interview over video chat, be prepared to talk about your time during the pandemic and to explain why you’re looking for a different job. With these tips, you will stand out from the rest during the Great Resignation!

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